On November 11, Remembrance Day, people around Canada and the world take a moment to remember the day that World War One ended and all the lives lost in that war and every war since. For veterans this day is a special opportunity for reflection – a chance to help themselves and others never forget.

Odds are that your senior loved one is a veteran, knows a veteran, or has lived through a war, which can make Remembrance Day a difficult day to experience alone. If you’re looking to support your loved one by honouring Remembrance Day together this year, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to remember together both in and around a South Surrey White Rock retirement home.

4 Ways to Honour Remembrance Day while Living at a Retirement Home in South Surrey White Rock:

1. Make Remembrance Day Wreaths

If the weather outside is cold and uninviting, or if you simply just want to stay inside the comfort of your suite, you can try to make your own Remembrance Day wreath. While there are many DIY or “Do it Yourself” craft tutorials you can find available online, you want to choose one that is easy for you to follow along with. You also want to ensure that you have all the materials on hand that will be needed for you to successfully make one. After you’ve made one, you can hang it outside of your door to show that you are honouring this special day.

2. Attend or stream a local memorial service

Finding a local memorial service to attend might not be too difficult here in Canada as we have many veterans who want to recognize this special day. If you are unable to physically attend one in person, you can still witness one online. Post-pandemic, most special event organizations are more comfortable with streaming so you can watch it in your retirement home in South Surrey White Rock. You can choose to do this by yourself or even with some company who is also looking forward to the memorial service.

3. Take them on a walk to get a Poppy

One of the best ways you can show your honour for veterans is by wearing a poppy. This well-known and well-established symbol carries a wealth of history and meaning that many respect. It would also be seen as a nice gesture if you were to take your senior loved one to get one. Not only would it give them a change of scenery as they step out of Pacific Carlton for a couple hours, but it is also great exercise to go on a walk.

4. Listen to their stories

If you truly want to understand and learn more about the importance this day holds, you should sit down and hear some of the stories from veterans. Not only do they have personal stories that they can share with you, it’ll hold a special place in your heart and maybe even deepen the connection you have with them when you gain some insights in regard to what they went through.

Everyday is Remembrance for Veterans.

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