VRS Communities has the perfect location for everyone – from lakes, to gardens, to city, to ocean, we have it all! There are so many amazing locations, it could be difficult to decide. Pacific Carlton is the perfect option for your senior loved one due to its proximity to South Surrey’s city centre, lush garden landscaping, and proximity to the ocean. To help convince you, we’ve compiled a list explaining five health benefits of living close to the ocean.

Beautiful and relaxing

People often say that the ocean is relaxing, but did you know that this statement is actually scientifically proven? The ocean has been shown to calm and connect us, positively impacting our brains. Sitting and watching the ocean puts our brains in a mild meditative state, relaxing our nervous system and boosting our mood! 

Ocean Air

The breeze off of the Pacific Ocean is refreshing and brings in clean air. Fresh air can result in better health and improve your respiratory system, especially for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Due to the large amount of salt, iodine, magnesium, and trace elements in the air, being by the ocean will loosen the mucus in the respiratory tracts, which will help clear your airways. Further, clean ocean air generally has higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep! 

Vitamin D

Living near the ocean often results in spending more time outside. Whether you are walking along the shore or sitting on your deck enjoying the view, being outside has so many benefits, including Vitamin D production! Vitamin D is essential to proper body functioning and promoting calcium absorption, bone strength, and immune health. 

Active Lifestyle

Living near the ocean encourages an active lifestyle. Walking along the beach, swimming, or potentially paddle boarding are activities that are easy to do when living near the ocean. At Pacific Carlton, our residents often go for walks along White Rock Beach’s famous promenade and pier

Increased Happiness

Living near the ocean is amazing for your physical health but it also is proven to improve mental health. Whether the increase in happiness is from the ocean’s relaxing nature, the increased exposure to vitamin D, or improved sleep, we know we feel better living near the water. You will never be bored living near the ocean; Retirement living at Pacific Carlton in South Surrey provides your senior loved one with safety and the freedom to live their life! 

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