When living at Pacific Carlton, you will always have a lot of fun things to engage in, whether it’s utilizing one of the many amenities you can find on-site, or even participating in planned activities organized by the recreation coordinator. However, it’s completely normal to take some time and relax or even spend some time plugging in and using your electronics. Thanks to the power of technology, seniors can stay connected with their loved ones, or even learn something new by utilizing their smartphone, tablet, or computer when they are at a retirement home in South Surrey White Rock.

Here are the best social media and technology tips for seniors to try at a retirement home in South Surrey White Rock:

Choosing the right electronic device

This is where it all begins and could essentially be a doorway to much, much more to experience from a smaller screen. If you are looking to purchase a device for the first time, or even just want to upgrade what you already have, what you choose will depend completely on your personal preference, budget, and what you can use the device for. If you prefer to see things on a bigger screen, prefer a physical keyboard and don’t always need to take the device with you from place to place, you might want to consider a desktop computer or even a laptop. If you don’t really need a keyboard and want a slightly smaller screen so you can still have video calls on the go with your friends and family, a tablet might be just what you are looking for. If you are looking for something that you can fit into your pocket and take with you everywhere (around the South Surrey White Rock retirement home or anywhere in the world), which also still has the power to everything a computer, laptop or tablet has to offer, a smartphone is what you need. An important thing to note is that the price will vary depending on the brand you purchase, how old the device is, and how much storage space it comes with.

Using social media or streaming services

If you are purchasing or upgrading your device so you can have something that will be utilized for accessing your social media or streaming service, there are endless options available for you when you move into a retirement home in South Surrey White Rock. Nowadays, there’s an online community you can engage with on multiple platforms that have different purposes. You can spend time virtually talking with your friends on Facebook, watch free videos on YouTube, read a couple funny tweets on Twitter, connect with your past coworkers on LinkedIn, and even just see what kind of dances Gen Z is doing on TikTok. If you are in the mood to not dive into the comment sections and want to focus solely on good, quality content, you can watch movies and TV shows with a paid subscription to Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or HBO Max. If you want to listen to some music, learn a couple things from a podcast, or even have a book be read to you, you might be interested in Spotify, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, or Audible. The options are truly endless.

Learning something new

Technology can be used for what you want. Since everything is accessible to you with the tap of a button (and a strong WiFi connection), you can choose how exactly you want to spend your time. Another way you can use your electronic device is to learn something new. If you want to read a few scholarly articles, watch some “how-to” videos or check out some step-by-step guides, you could learn a new thing or two. Whether you want to learn more about a particular hobby you already have, or maybe pick up a new skill, the internet is certainly your best friend with many online resources when you Google what you are looking for. You can even take online courses and become an expert if you have the free time and are looking to upgrade your current credentials.

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in South Surrey White Rock that offers a variety of recreational activities, Pacific Carlton is here for you. Feel free to contact us by calling 604-531-1160 or click here to book a tour at South Surrey White Rock’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.