If you’re on the lookout for a new retirement community to move into, there could be a lot of different factors that you could be considering. The two biggest things are the retirement community you are going to live in, as well as the city that it is located in. You might be thinking that a city might not be a priority for you to consider or maybe you simply have no preference where in the world you live, as long as it is a great community for you to retire in. We’re here to remind you that choosing where your retirement community is located, is a big decision that you should take time out to consider, with yourself and your loved ones so you can ultimately have a great experience when you retire.

Here is why South Surrey White Rock is the best place to be part of a retirement community:

Fitness and wellness programs for seniors

The City of Surrey’s recreation program offers a wide range of drop-in activities, allowing seniors to access benefits and discounts that help motivate them to stay both active and engaged outside of the South Surrey White Rock retirement community. The Surrey Senior Services Membership is around $25 annually and it provides access to ballroom dance classes, book clubs, wood carving clubs, and even volunteer-led activities that you might not easily be able to find elsewhere. The recreational facilities also offer senior-specific fitness classes like Fit 55+ or Ball, Balance, and Strength 55+ at a discounted rate.

Age-friendly pedestrian routes

Walking is a great way to get around, explore all that the city has to offer, and improve your health all while helping you achieve your fitness goals. The WALKit Activity Program is an online map that showcases age-friendly pedestrian routes across the city. It’s designed to encourage mobility, increase social engagement, and learn about various areas and topics of interest while on the walking route of this beautiful city. This is perfect for any senior that wants to explore other parts of the city that aren’t necessarily around the South Surrey White Rock retirement community. It’s also the perfect activity to do when you want to get some fresh air outside, and still get some movement in for the day.

Scenic beaches and parks in South Surrey White Rock

We could all use some quality time with loved ones from time to time, and what better way to spend it than at a scenic beach or park near your South Surrey White Rock retirement community? It’s nice for them to visit you from time to time, but maybe sometimes you also need a break away from your regular routine. Something as simple as a nice walk along White Rock or Crescent Beach could be refreshing as you take in the salty, sea air with your friends and family. If there is a chance of sunshine in the forecast, you can also pre-plan for a picnic at a nice park with your whole family. Many parks in the area have something for everyone of all ages to enjoy such as picnic tables, playgrounds, and walking routes. Be sure to pack some food and beverages to take with you to all enjoy in each other’s company.

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in South Surrey White Rock that offers a variety of recreational activities, Pacific Carlton is here for you. Call 604-531-1160 or click here to book a tour at South Surrey White Rock’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.