When the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, maintaining a healthy routine can sometimes be difficult, especially for seniors. Getting enough exercise, eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, and socializing regularly are all ways to help maintain your health during winter. This blog will ​​outline how seniors can stay healthy and active in Retirement homes in South Surrey during the winter.

1. Exercise regularly and make sure to get enough sleep.

Exercising regularly is crucial to maintaining a healthy body no matter the season. Retirement homes in South Surrey recognize that it can sometimes be difficult for residents to exercise independently, so we offer a broad range of activities and outings to help residents stay active. From yoga sessions to walking clubs, there are lots of options to keep seniors physically active and engaged. These group fitness programs also allow residents to socialize and meet new community members. Getting enough sleep is also very important to have enough energy to stay active.

2. Eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet 

Eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet can be vital in maintaining your health during the winter months. During the winter months, flu and colds become more common. Consuming foods that are dense in Vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system and fight infections. Some foods that are dense in Vitamin C include bell peppers, citrus fruits, kale, and berries. Vitamin D is another vitamin that some people become deficient in during winter. Luckily, many oily fish, like salmon and mackerel, are packed with vitamin D. Residents at our Retirement homes in South Surrey are provided 3 freshly prepared nutrient-packed meals daily by our Chefs. Our Chefs also cater to residents’ tastes and dietary preferences. 

3. Maintaining mental well-being and fighting off loneliness

Socializing with peers can help maintain mental well-being and fight off loneliness during winter. Our Retirement homes in South Surrey offer many holiday related events, activities, and outings where residents can get to know each other better. Keeping your mind active is another excellent way to maintain mental well-being during the winter months. Reading a book, crossword puzzles, and doing a jigsaw puzzle are all wonderful ways to keep your brain active. Residents are also encouraged to engage with their passions and hobbies, as many of our locations offer art classes, book clubs, gardening, and more. 

Are you looking for a retirement home in South Surrey?

If you’re looking for a Retirement home in South Surrey, VRS seniors retirement community offers a variety of activities to keep residents active and entertained during the winter months. We also provide residents with 3 healthy, freshly prepared meals by our Chefs. Feel free to contact us to inquire if we offer assisted living services at any VRS location. Call 604.531.1160 to arrange a tour at one of VRS’ warm and friendly seniors community.


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